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NLNaturals - Salvia 30X

NLNaturals - Salvia 30X

The 30x Salvia Extract takes you on a short but strong journey! The premium quality Salvia from NLNaturals is a strong herb with a hallucinogenic effect. You only need a little bit for a solid trip.

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Salvia Divinorum is used in shamanic rituals to get in touch with the supernatural. Salvia is also used as a recreational drug because of its special effects. When using Salvia Divinorum you experience a short but intense hallucinatory trip. The primary active substance that causes this is Salvinorin A.

. The product is not comparable to other hallucinating products, which is also the reason that the pure variant is banned in different countries.

Salvia Divinorum 30X Extract

Salvia Divinorum can be used in two ways: by smoking the herbs or taking them orally.

Smoking salvia is best done with a pure pipe or bong. Inhale the smoke deeply and keep it for at least 20 seconds. The hallucinations occur as good as derict and are quite short, usually a few minutes.

In case of oral ingestion you should chew on the herbs or put them under the tongue. When chewing, delay swallowing as long as possible. We recommend chewing for at least 10 minutes. The hallucinations occur after 10/20 minutes and have a longer effect than when the Salvia is smoked.

The following must be taken into account before using the product:


  • The presence of a down-to-earth friend when using the product is recommended.
  • Swallowing does not affect health.
  • Noise can disturb the Salvia trip. Use the product in a quiet environment.
  • User-select is recommended for beginners. Therefore, start with a lower strength.
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